Optimal Sexual Performance Starts with your Diet

July 10th, 2008 by Admin

If you’re read the article about training your “love muscles,” then it would also interest you to know that what you eat and drink can be just as important as your exercise program. You need optimal performance from all of your body parts, not just your main love muscle.

Take it Easy with Alcohol.

While bars and clubs are great places to meet the people you may end up sleeping with, too much alcohol can render you useless. If your goal at the end of the night is to get in bed, then try not to black out by drinking too much alcohol. Sure, the other person may look a lot better, but what’s the point if you pass out before you climb the stairs to the bedroom.

The general rule of thumb is to avoid getting a DUI. If you drink enough to get you pulled over the police, then you have probably inhaled enough alcohol to screw up your sexual performance.

Alcohol in moderation has its benefits. For example, a few glasses of wine or champagne with your significant other is a great way to lower the tension and inhibition. And when you’re slightly buzzed, you feel a little more comfortable trying out new things, like talking dirty, different positions, and new places!

Coffee Drinker? No harm, no foul!

Caffeine can deliver a performance boost to your body. There have been numerous studies to try and link caffeine to birth defects or risks of cancer, but no links have been found. So if you’re a coffee drinker, you don’t have to change this habit. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be a jittery, hyper bouncy ball when your significant other is trying to take it slow.

Avoid Heavy Meals.

If your ultimate goal is to end up in bed after a dinner date, take it easy on the huge meals. Eating a lot of food at once will make you sleepy, and that fatigue is never good for sex. Not to mention you can get gassy, which is not attractive for anybody in the room. A lot of food in your stomach can also cause pain, which could make trying risky positions a journey within itself.

Quit Smoking before you put your penis at risk!

Smoking is considered a major factor in causing erectile dysfunction. Cigarette smoking accelerates the formation of blockages in the heart’s arteries, and it can do the same to the vessels that power your penis. Signs of harm can show as early as the age of 40. Sure, everyone knows the risks of smoking, but isn’t it all the more reason to quit when your little buddy can be in jeopardy?

Good Health, Good Life, Good Sex

If you haven’t noticed, all of these tips are the foundation for living a healthy lifestyle. In order to have optimal sex, you have to be as physically fit as you can be. Smoking, excessive drinking, and overeating are the biggest killers of Americans today, and while they may not kill you, they will significantly decrease your performance not only in bed, but in life.

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Getting Fit for Longer, Stronger Sex

May 25th, 2008 by Admin

Everyone knows the benefits of getting fit and staying in shape. You’ll live longer, have more energy, sleep better, and so on and so forth. But most people are not in shape. It seems like the world is getting fatter by the day, and that’s not helping anybody. To separate yourself from the pack, you’ll have to get into shape by shedding those extra pounds and training those “lovemaking muscles.”

Benefit 1: Have Longer Sex

If you truly want to be a master in bed, you will need to get into shape. Physical fitness is important for stamina, so if you want to go all night long, you’ll have to train for it like a boxer does for an upcoming match.

Sure, an hour of sex will suffice for most people. But if you want to be a pro and completely “Wow” your woman, then you’re going to have to last throughout the night. If you begin and stick to an exercise program, you will build endurance. You will be able to last much longer than you ever thought possible. If you’re overweight and unfit, do not be surprised if you are completely gassed 20 minutes into the race.

Benefit 2: Have Easier Sex

Building muscle through exercise allows you to perform some of those sex moves that only the porn stars do. You will need strength to lift your woman above your head, or have sex while standing up. A lot of men can get that far, but if you’re not in shape it won’t last long. When build muscle, you’ll be able to sustain these kinds of acrobatic positions for much longer.

Benefit 3: Actually Have Sex

Here is an obvious one: When you’re in shape, you’ll get a lot more sex. Yes, it’s a superficial thing to say, but it’s true. Some women just want a fling, and chances are they will pick the fit guy over you. When you’re in shape, you have a lot more confidence in yourself. You will look better, which attracts women, but you’ll also have the subtle confidence that really attracts women.

Training Yourself to be Superman at Sex


Calves are used during sex more than most people think. If you’ve ever suffered a cramp in your legs during sex, then its time to work those muscles! Exercises you can perform to strength your calves include: calve raises, runner’s stretch, jump rope


The shoulders are used during sex especially when the man is on top. You have to support yourself so you’re not suffocating your woman, which isn’t appealing at all for her. Perform these shoulder exercises to strengthen your upper core: military press, dumbbell press, shoulder stretch

Hips and Groin

Exercising the hips and groin area will help you deliver those deep thrusts, no matter which position you are in. Squats are the ultimate exercising for strengthening that area of your body. Squats are one of those core exercises that everyone should be doing, whether you’re having sex or not. Start small, and commit to good form because you can really hurt yourself if you do them wrong. As a bonus, adding squats to your workout regimen releases testosterone into your body to make you even more of a man.

Back, Upper and Lower

If you’ve thrown out your back during sex, then you really need work. Men can throw out their back doing a lot of things, like lifting heavy objects to impress women, but it really doesn’t matter how you did it to your body. It hurts, and it can be prevented.

Exercises such as “Good Mornings” and pull-ups will strengthen your back from top to bottom. The key is to commit to good form, because when you do, you will avoid the motions that can hurt you even when you’re outside of the gym. Now, you can grab your women in the basement and carry her all the way to bedroom without failing down a flight of stairs.

Heart and Lungs

Here is where the endurance factor comes in. Sex is just as exhausting as bike riding or running. Think of it as “cross-training.” If you can’t go more than 10 minutes on a jog, then don’t expect to go much further during sex.

Add cardio exercises to your exercise routine, like basketball, treadmill, or even the Stairmaster. It doesn’t matter. The point is that over time you train your body to handle more and more pressure, allowing you to last longer not only exercising, but in bed as well.

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5 Sexy Moves for Women that You’ve Never Tried – Part 1

May 16th, 2008 by Admin

These are 5 Sexy Moves you can try on your man the next time you have a romantic encounter. All of these tips involve food or drink, but they’re guaranteed to make your man go crazy, especially if you’ve never tried this kind of stuff before.

The Sparkling Blowjob

Things You’ll Need
Glass of Champagne

Here is The Sparkling BJ works. Get your man naked. That should be simple enough. Get on your knees in front of him. Hold a big sip of champagne in your mouth without swallowing it.

Now, put your lips on the tip of his penis, which should be erect at this point. Slowly but surely, take his penis into your mouth as far as you can go. Here’s the fun part: Start swishing that champagne around in your mouth. The little bubbles from the champagne will start going crazy, and so will your man. Keep going until he “pops” like the champagne bottle you’re drinking from.

If this is a little too kinky for you, drink a few glasses of that champagne before you try this!

The Ice Cream Cone of Pleasure

Things You’ll Need
A waffle cone and a can of whipped topping.

Have your man lie down on his back, naked of course. Take a bite out of the bottom of the cone, making sure its big enough to put his penis through. Insert his penis through the bottom of the cone, then spray on the whipped topping. Now you’re ready to have some dessert!

Slowly lick the whipped topping, being as sexy as possible (not that this isn’t sexy enough) Eventually you’ll get to the delicious center when you can start pleasing your man orally. Keep nibbling away, and sucking when more of the penis is revealed. Soon enough, he’ll explode!

Pass the can of whipped topping to your man and see what he can come up with!

Very Blueberry

Things You’ll Need
Frozen blueberries

Have your man lie down on the bed, naked. Put a couple of those cold blueberries in your mouth, and then start pleasuring your man orally. Use your tongue to keep the blueberries around the tip of your man’s penis. This should feel like a lot of tongue rings at once for your man!

The colder the blueberries are, the more sensual it will feel for him. As they thaw out, you can swallow the blueberries and finish off your man. Or you can keep them in your mouth until he orgasms, then swallow it all.


Things You’ll Need
Bottle of maple syrup.

Basically what you do is get your man naked and have him lie down on his back. Stand over him and slowly pour the maple syrup all over his penis and thighs. You don’t want to pour too much though, otherwise you’ll be left with a sticky mess.

Get down on your man and use your tongue to lick off all of the maple syrup. Start with his legs and move in until you’ve reached the penis. Take your time, because the syrup is going to be quite sticky. The intense suction will drive your man wild. When you’ve reached the penis, keep sucking until he climaxes. You can keep adding more to the penis while you’re doing it. It all depends on how much you love maple syrup. We know he will after this.

Fruit Blow Up

Things You’ll Need
Your favorite flavor of Fruit-Roll-Up, or similar product.

Have your man lie down naked on his back. Lick and kiss his penis, balls, and body to get him erect. Once he’s erect, wrap the fruit roll up around his member. You can lick one end of it to make it stick.

This will make a blowjob a lot tastier for you! Start at the top, and keep sucking away at the fruit roll. It will slowly dissolve in your mouth, so keep going down and down until the fruit roll is all gone. Finish your man off until he cums.

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